From the Principal's Desk

Ridge Valley School, Gurgaon: Providing ‘Wholesome-child development’ to students

Ridge Valley School aims at ensuring that every child’s experience of school life is secure, fulfilling, and joyful. This school truly believes in nurturing unique skills in every child, develop a sense of aesthetics, and inculcate values such as, courage, compassion, honesty, respect, and tolerance. Ridge Valley implements the Universal Learn Today curriculum; while an affiliation to the Central Board of Secondary Education provides its students an environment of learning by doing.

We are a child-centered school, and strongly believe that 'Hands-on Learning’ at the opportune moment enables a true sense of learning in children. We understand that some children acquire certain skills earlier than the ‘targeted’ age, while some take longer to master the same. To reconcile such extremes of the spectrum, differentiated step-up and step-down course structures are run parallel as part of our school system. We provide space for creativity and expression, because we are strong believers of the quote:“Creativity is intelligence having fun”.

In addition to the regular teaching staff, the faculty comprises ‘mentors’, who are trained to be keen observers and assessors of children under their care and guidance. Our mentors recognize individual readiness; and introduce relevant skills and information as and when appropriate.

Our Special Needs Department works towards providing inclusive education for children with special needs by devising IEPs (Individualized Education Programmes) in collaboration with respective parents. This further affirms our school’s vision of 'Nurturing Excellence'. Thus, at RVS, learning is a creative spiral, with both depth and breadth as goals. We prepare our students to be learners for life, while the stakeholders (parents and teachers) are collaborators in all planning and implementation.

As an integral part of the holistic development of our students, it:

  • Aims to promote self-discipline and respect for all
  • Encourages good behaviour
  • Enables them to set their own goals; and be responsible for them.
  • Provides a suitable environment for them to explore and actualise their potential.

The school, to further ensure the effectiveness of the pastoral care programme, has an in-house counsellor, who advises and mediates among the child, parents, and faculty members.


At RVS: "We learn to learn, only by doing"

~ Principal at Ridge Valley School.