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Welcome to Ridge Valley School

Ridge Valley School is promoted by a Trust established by promoters of DLF Group. The School was established in 2011 under the guidance of Universal Learn Today (the learning division of the India Today Group and promoters of Vasant Valley School, New Delhi).

Learn Today’s thoroughly researched and judiciously integrated curriculum catering to the diverse needs of individual minds, thus ensuring holistic development in children, all the while preparing them to face the future with confidence. During the association of the School with Learn Today for over 6-years,
all their processes have been fully embedded in the learning systems and academic delivery. Simultaneously, the teaching staff has also fully imbibed the methods and processes for the optimum delivery.

Every activity, from its conception to implementation, is crafted keeping in mind the various aspects of a child’s development (cerebral, social, emotional, spiritual, and physical development). The goal is to help each one of them become a self-motivated learner.

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