Chairman's Message


Thank you for considering RVS for your ward’s schooling.

We want our pupils to begin experiencing the gift of dreaming. We want them to assume that everything is possible. We want them to make a list of all things they would like to do and be and have in their lives. Then, we teach them to prioritize that list as they discover the ones that generate the passion in their souls. In the beginning, they will have huge list of things they think they want to do or be or have. However, by the end of their schooling at RVS, we will help them realize that these weren’t really their dreams – they were things they could do now, if they wanted to do.

Today, the field of choice for pupils is vastly wider than it was a few decades back. With technology on the march, the opportunities have widened.There are dozens of specialists we had never heard of – digital content specialist, information security analyst, biomedical engineer, space tourism guide, landfill worm operator, extinct species revivalist! These are careers of the future that stir the imagination. The culture, music and performing arts industry and sports are rife with exciting opportunities, both offstage as well as in the spotlight – the possibilities are truly endless.

Students at RVS will learn through a wide range of hobbies, clubs, societies and a scientifically designed sports programme. The commitment, drive and determination needed to succeed in sports and athletics are all attributes that will also support the academic/ career prospects and work once their decathlete career is behind them.

The curriculum offered, and the infrastructure being put in place, will ensure that talent would be identified and nurtured. Education at RVS will ensure that number of doors of opportunity open up to our students.

For the rest of your child’s life, we hope to give her/him what we call the ultimate gift – quality education. We are hoping to capture that spark in those put in our charge and fan it into a flame. We are committed to the pursuit of excellence in all fields.