Subjects Offered

Subjects offered for grade I-X

Grade I to  II :  English, Hindi, Mathematics, Understand Our World
Grade III to V :   English, Hindi, Mathematics, Social Science, Science, Sanskrit/French/Spanish/German.
Grade VI to VIII :  English, Hindi, Mathematics, Social Science(History, Civics, Geography) Science(Physics, Chemistry, Biology),Sanskrit/French/Spanish/German.
Grade IX to X   : English, Hindi, Mathematics, Social Science(History, Civics,Geography), Science(Physics, Chemistry, Biology),  Sanskrit/French/Spanish/German.

Subjects Offered For Grade XI-XII




1. English

1. English

1. English

2. Accountancy/Pol. science/Painting

2. Pol Science/ Painting

2. Physics/ Painting

3.Business Studies/ Eco/Legal studies/Geography/Sociology/ History

3. Legal Studies/ Geography/Sociology/History

3.Chemistery/ Legal Studies/ Geography/Sociology/ History

4. Maths/ Hindustani Music- Vocal/ Psychology/ Applied Math

4. Psychology/ Math/Hindustani Music- Vocal/ Applied Math

4. Math/Psychology/Hindustani Music- Vocal/ Applied Math

5. Economics/ Economics/Comp Science/  Home science

5. Economics/ Computer science/  Home science

5.Biology/Bio Technology/Computer science/Home science

6. Phy Edu/Bharatnatyam

6. Phy Edu/ Bharatnatyam

6. Phy Edu/ Bharatnatyam