"Great emphasis on the development of each child, excellent teachers and focused on the all-round development of children. They have an excellent SEN department as well who takes care of education of children with special needs. Very good philosophy of the school,i.e. nurturing excellence” --Samarth Kapoor

“A wonderful learning hub!. With low student to teacher ratio learning is very good. Every kid is given due attention. Very loving teachers and multi sensorial approach of teaching makes them unique.”-Madhvi Gupta Khandelwal

I have a 7th grader and a 1st grader in RVS. The school truly nurtures each child. The school imparts great values and great education at the same time. It’s been a pleasure to watch my children learn and grow in such a positive environment. It’s been a great experience so far!-Vibha Saini Bahl

I am a very happy parent associated with ridge valley school. My elder one in class 1b and little one recently joined in kg B. The most positive thing is that both of my kids go very happily to the school every morning and they really love the place .The teachers and staff are really so caring and create a very child friendly atmosphere in the school. The reception department is also very good here.-DwarkaPallaviKanduri

Both my kids are going to RVS one is in grade 7 and the other in grade 5. I highly recommend this school because of the passion and dedication with which the teachers work towards mentoring each child. This is the only school where each child is known by name and their individual abilities pan across all the levels. Individualized attention and pastoral care mould children to identify their own strengths and abilities. Great team and fantastic work.-Moly Suryawanshi