House System

The students of the school are divided into four houses, each at Primary, Middle, Secondary and Senior Secondary level. The Houses are managed by house wardens. The house wardens select house captains, vice-captain and house prefects. It is compulsory for every student to be member of a house.

The main idea of the house system is instilling in students the essential quality of leadership, teamwork, cooperation, mutual understanding and self-reliance. Various inter house activities are held for this purpose throughout the year. In addition to this, each house in every department is given a theme on which the students present the morning assembly as per the schedule.

The various houses are as follows:

  • Amazon with yellow color epitomizing ambition, steadfastness and humility.
  • Ganges with blue color boasts wisdom, magnanimous thoughts, politeness and vigilance, the Ganges House demonstrates its strength and vigor.
  • Nile with color green, signified for ambition, joy, delight and change mantles the responsibility of the school.
  • Thames with red color represents command, nobility and lordship characterized with bravery and courage.